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05 April
How to Avoid the Retirement Income Predicament: Discover the 5 Critical Steps to Protect Your Retirement


What You'll Learn at This Event...

  • The massive paradigm shift happening to retirement plans (and why assets and rate of return is NOT the answer!)
  • How to determine your current financial standings and establish your "Protected Income Number")
  • How to create a base level of lifetime income by utilizing 1, 2, or all 3 of the guaranteed sources currently available
  • The right way to diversify for tax risk - and which strategy Ed Slott proclaimed as, “The single biggest benefit in the tax code.”
  • How to eliminate emotion from investing and focus on growing assets
  • PLUS... real stories of The Retirement Income Framework being used. One client saw IMPROVED results, increasing their retirement success score!

Why You Need to Attend This Event...

If you’re worried about not having enough money for retirement, register for The Retirement Income Framework today! This powerful event will show you how to create a retirement income plan in 5 simple steps that is proven to create guaranteed lifetime income, lower taxes, and increase assets.

Imagine how your outlook would change if you knew EXACTLY what you needed to do for the next few months in order to create a retirement income plan that worked. Would you feel less stressed? Would you have more hope? Would you be more confident and optimistic about your retirement?

Jerry Yu, Retirement Income Expert, has helped hundreds of people build their retirement income plans and watched them retire successfully from the effort.

Register for the event and learn the 5-step roadmap to make your money last in retirement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this event for?
This event is perfect for pre-retirees nearing retirement looking to create an income plan or current retirees wanting to maximize their savings.

Is this a "product pitch"?
No! What makes this event so unique is that it focuses around a process. The strategies used inside the process are determined by your individual circumstance.

What if I'm interested, but can't attend?
Click the button and select the option "Inform me of a future date".

Date and Time

Tue, Apr 05, 2022

7:30p - 8:30p PST


Cypress Community Center

255 Visions
Irvine , CA 92620
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